Malaysia Economic Development Council

Malaysia Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), a business unit setup to spearhead economy development of Malaysia under MAPEM, to achieve MAPEM Vision and Mission.

MEDC, is a Public-Initiate-Partnership subsidiary under MAPEM. It is not just an investor, facilitator, but a solid partner that serves as a launchpad for start up, nurturing entrepreneur whilst identifying and creating talents, developing and growing together, and bringing sizeable entity to next level.

MEDC’s main objective is to build the ASEAN Ecosystem Platform starting from Malaysia and connect all Government Agencies, Industry Players and Entrepreneur Start Up Companies, both Online and Offline.


We say that we’re not just a facilitator.

As investors managing a portfolio of some companies, we spend our time looking at potential companies with substantial economic contribution not only domestically but also internationally, to see how we can bring value and to invest in and continue to create, develop, and support those companies with passionate inventors and entrepreneurs.

What is at the core that makes us a different kind of Partner? We’ve boiled it down to these five reasons.

    1.Our Value

MEDC is the business development unit under MAPEM, or Malaysia Economic Development Council, under PMO. MAPEM is focused to complement and play its role in Malaysia Economic Growth by working with all government agencies, state governments, and industry players.

    2.Our Involvement

For us, investment doesn’t end when we write the cheque. It starts with our involvement. We’re not just on active investors, we’re intense investors, actively involved and supporting our companies from (before) Day 1.

Unlike others, our portfolio companies are actually physically located in our facilities, producing a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial environment that lends itself to the free flow of ideas and collaboration.

    3. A Solid Management Team

The business partnership behind MEDC is based on the strength of the management team in business, sales, marketing, retailing, investing, banking, and finance. Our employees work together to build our portfolio and support our companies by providing professional business and technology development, marketing, investment banking, finance, and administrative services. Like our companies, our in-house teams sit inside our facilities.

    4.An Established Portfolio

The portfolios that MEDC has invested are recognized as the “leader in the niche” for the industries we are in, we see and review more than 50 investment opportunities in these sectors every year, starting 1 to 3 new companies annually.

     5. Our Attractive Exit Plan

MEDC will arrange companies to collaborate with all Government Agencies, and top companies around the world to bring investee companies to IPO. MEDC will remain as strong shareholder, and to reward management with attractive package including shares of the listed entity.

Our commitment to the people associated with our organization, the people who invest in our companies, and the people who lead them makes us the different venture firm.